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Unusual hotels for thrill-seekers: Hotel in Il-18

At the airport of the Dutch city of Teuge there was an interesting landmark — a luxury hotel that was formerly the Soviet aircraft Il-18. The hotel turned out to be, to put it mildly, is small — only one double room.

But the amount of offset quality: room fitted Jacuzzi, shower, sauna, storage room, three TVs, a large collection of movies on DVD, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and much more. Accommodation will cost you 350 euros per night.

It should be said that passenger aircraft for medium-haul airlines was not immediately expensive hotel. The last 15 years on its Board housed a restaurant.

Il-18 was produced from 1959 to 1978. A total of 719 built aircraft, including passenger 564, and the rest — specialized (for example, ice reconnaissance or meteorological laboratory) and the military.

But, it should be noted that the Dutch were not the first who invented that hotels are equipped with on Board older aircraft. So, in Costa Rica you can feel like the hero of the series “lost”. Everyone over a certain amount can spend the night in the heart of the jungle in the cabin of the Boeing-727, released in 1965.

National Park Manuel Antonio, the liner was delivered in parts from San Jose airport. The aircraft is on a pedestal height of 15 meters, blagodaram guests can enjoy the magnificent views of the Park and the ocean.

Inside the plane everyone, however, is much more civilized than in the movie. In the cabin equipped with two bedrooms with bathroom, kitchen and dining room. All wood furniture — handcrafted, has air conditioning and an LCD TV.

Not less strong impressions you can receive when you stay at the hotel, which will soon emerge in place of the well-known British hospital for the criminally insane in Broadmoor.

The plan to turn the old building into a luxury five-star hotel could help Finance the construction of a new psychiatric hospital near already existing. Then some buildings of the old building will become unnecessary.

The hospital was built in 1863 as England’s first asylum for the criminally insane. Bars on the Windows have always been a subject of controversy. Over the last ten years, five patients had hanged himself, but was forbidden to remove them, since the building has the status of a special importance.

The General public, the clinic is famous thanks to one of their prisoners: it is home to Robert Maudsley, who became the prototype of cine legendary maniac in the Thriller “the silence of the lambs”.

In conditions exactly reproduced in the Thriller “the silence of the lambs” Maudsley “contains” still. The furniture in the cell of a maniac made out of cardboard. On hour walk accompanied by six of his captors, descending from the eyes of a psychopath.

The Broadmoor is a strict security system. Daily 10 hours of two-minute you hear a shrill sound, resembling the lockdown. Thus the hospital staff checks to see whether in working condition alarm.

Any criminal who wanted voluntarily to leave the ominous red brick building, instantly be placed in the position of a cornered animal — the same sirens installed in 13 nearby towns of the Berkshires, including Kimberly, Bracknell, Bagshot and Wokingham. All of these warning buzzers are connected in a single system.

Overall, a fun vacation!