The older advertisements of hotels
Going out to breathe the fresh sea air one evening on the balcony of our office, we discussed recently viewed ads one of the hotel chains. Dark, frogs singing near…

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Cheap hotel in Kuala Lumpur with swimming pool and free Breakfast. Recommend Citrus Hotel!
Hotels in Kuala Lumpur by price range differ little, or medium or expensive. We had a difficult choice hotel. We wanted to live in the capital of Malaysia, has chosen…

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Rest on the sea, probably the most priority type of holiday for many people in the world. We have selected 10 of the best beach hotels where you will definitely bring water and sand.

One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives.

Indian ocean, 12 sandy beaches 6 km long

As befits one of the best beach hotels in the world, the quality of the sand here a lot. However, apparently the makers of One & Only Reethi Rah were not satisfied with the amount of sand on the Maldivian island of miraculous when they first decided to build a first-class resort. This was brought to the island, no less than half a million tons of coral sand. This has increased the land area by 4 times. Needless to say that henceforth the sand here pays the maximum attention. Perhaps no less than the protection of the underwater world. Invisible, but coping with all the hotel staff cleans daily snow-white beaches from the leaves of palm trees, twigs and other small debris.

The hotel has 130 private villas, 98 of which are located directly on the beach, a few metres from the shore. Thus, villas are carefully insulated from each other tropical vegetation. The beach is actually common to all, but the opportunity to see at least ten people for two weeks accommodation is also great as seeing the Northern lights in Africa. Disposing brought Breakfast in Villa, hotel room, leaving the room, immediately fall on a snow-white smile-Cameron Diaz, beaches. To question the purity and transparency of water in the Indian ocean, is also irrelevant as to afford to worry at this resort. The remaining 32 villas are located directly on the ocean, on stilts. Here at all can neglect the shower and jump in the ocean from the window, barely opening his eyes after a quiet and serene Maldivian sleep.

St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Indian ocean, the beach is over 2 km

According to professionals and vacationers, St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora is the best hotel in French Polynesia. It’s hard to disagree after learning that the construction of each Villa has been spent about one million dollars. A total of 92 at the hotel. St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora from above resembles the skeleton of a large animal, and on the earth consists of a tropical garden, which frames and cuts lagunaria with amazing turquoise water. Here you can see how they feed the sharks. Of course, in the format of entertainment. White Sands resort you can enjoy a jeep Safari. You can swim in the ocean, and lacunaria. Tropical palm trees, Polynesian mountains and the turquoise water create a fairly convincing sense of being in Paradise on Earth.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles, Seychelles.

Indian ocean, beach: 500 meters

The gem of the hotel is its beach, ANS Lazio (Anse Lazio), officially recognized as one of the five best beaches in the world. Here are quite deep, which allows the waves to gain a considerable height. Tourists come to Anse Lazio from other Islands just to have a look at this amazing beach. Guests at Raffles Praslin can reach the beach on foot, overcoming a rain forest or enjoy the electric car from the room. The trip will take no more than five minutes. If you want romance and extreme sports, this hotel offers free Bicycle rental. Anse Lazio is renowned for its picturesque coast, coral reefs, Seychelles unusual stones and, of course, giant tortoises that live exclusively in the Seychelles. Not always, but often, you can see the dolphins played. If you walk along the beach, you may also see the crabs crawling. Perhaps they come to see the Royal family of Qatar, whose luxury yacht moored near the shore.

Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Atlantic ocean, beach: 5 km

Perhaps the most famous beach in the world. For Brazilians, this place is simultaneously the source of pleasure, entertainment and earnings. You can swim, play soccer and steal bags. Soccer goal sticking straight out of the sand. And not alone. Photographers are entire blogs, preying on women in bikinis. The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart gather on this beach millions of his fans. Here you can easily meet Tom cruise or Clive Owen. Beach, in all senses, working around the clock. The Copacabana Palace Hotel and the famous beach is one the most famous throughout Latin America. At various times stayed here the powers that be.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Caribbean sea, the beach is over 1 km

A small and quiet island of Providenciales for several years blows about their white beaches. Proof of this are the several awards: both official and Amateur. This year the beaches of the island of Providenciales were the best in the category “best family hotel”. Praise them also divers and snorkelers. The hotel Parrot Cay beach almost wild, none but a few guests. The hotel itself is small but cozy. The design and layout in a Caribbean style.

Ambassador In Paradise Resort, Philippines.

Sulu sea, beach: 5 km

On the small island of Boracay in the Philippines is one of the attractions of the country: the famous “White beach”. The beach is famous for its perfect white as flour sand, which feels reminiscent of farinaceous substance. Another advantage of this sand is the fact that even in the hot sun it is not heated. In the sand you can find a lot of shells. The locals carved them various trinkets. Hotel Ambassador In Paradise Resort is located a few steps from the beach. His “claim” on one of the parts of the beach say carefully set sunbeds, hammocks and tables.

El Pez at Turtle Cove, Tulum.

Caribbean sea, beach: 500 m. more

Island Tulum primarily known for approximately 400 years ago still living representatives of the tribe Maya. That is why, around noon on the beach there is almost no place: tourists like ants in a matter of minutes fill the beach with fine sand. The El Pez at Turtle Cove has no such problem, as the beach area is securely hidden from other people. The hotel itself is a youth or family vacation option.

Mandarin Oriental, Sanya, China.

The South China sea, the beach is over 1 km away.

Being on the same latitude Gavini, Sanya is the hottest beach holiday destination in China. Soft white sand stretches along the island bays of the South China sea, by the way, not far from the shores of Vietnam. The private beach of Coral Bay, owned by Mandarin Oriental hotel, along with its purity and serenity surprised by giant mountain formations and palm trees that protect the beach from the outside world, the beauty of the coral reef, and located throughout the area of the beach hammocks, sun beds and beach umbrellas make it even more comfortable for visitors who prefer a quiet holiday. The architects of the hotel made sure that each of the 296 rooms are elegantly decorated with natural wood and fabrics, bright colors, and incredible sea views opened up with personal terraces or balconies of almost all rooms. Guests enjoy nine restaurants and three pools, as well as dive into a deep relaxation by visiting Spa treatments. More active guests can take lessons of martial arts or surfing.

Lizard Island, Australia.

The coral sea, the beach is over 1 km

Located off the coast of Queensland, Lizard Island is the Great Barrier Reef fringing the North-East of the Australian continent. After the proclamation of the Lizard Island national Park in 1937, the Park’s nature is preserved almost intact, and access to the reserve only a personal plane. 24 the beach surrounding this private island are difficult to reach — you can reach them only on foot or by boat, but this small inconvenience is worth it to stroll through the finest sand that you can imagine. Lizard Island offers 40 rooms with convenient access to the beach, where they will have the opportunity to dive into the underwater world and watch the clams, and to explore the life of plants and animals that inhabit the reef. Near the island are some of the best places in the world for scuba diving, including the famous Cod Hole, and for fishing enthusiasts, the hotel offers Ribbon Reefs, where you can try to hook a black Marlin, tuna and swordfish.