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Enjoyable holiday: the most unusual hotels in the world

Recently the company was leasing a new Boeing 757, and turns it into a flying hotel of extra-class. First guests in the flying hotel will take in February 2015.

Instead of the 200 seats the plane-the hotel will only accommodate 52 – every passenger will have a leather chair, which is completely transformed into a bed. In addition, the air room will be equipped with a table, TV and WI-FI Internet. Gourmet meals on Board are the cook chef of the Four seasons, also traveling with guests will be a professional photographer.

But the plane-the hotel, of course, will not stand at the airport. The company is already selling tickets for the first trip in a flying hotel. It will be 24 days with flights in 9 locations, including Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, Mumbai and Istanbul. Departure scheduled from Los Angeles and the final stop will be London. The ticket for such air cruise costs $119 000. Price includes, besides accommodation in a luxury hotel, plane, food, transportation and excursions in the cities visited.

But if living in a flying hotel affordable only to the elite, many of the most original hotels of the world much more accessible. Forbes picked up some of those that should stay.

The ice hotel

The Ice hotel

Kiruna, Sweden

This hotel made entirely of ice. Located in the small town of Kiruna in Northern Sweden is in a great location for viewing the Northern lights and dog sledding.

Each year in November from a local river mined about 5,000 tons of ice to build the hotel. After the construction of the ice hotel is decorated with designers and artists – they draw patterns, vytesyvajut from blocks of ice all the furniture and even make a huge ice sculpture. Interestingly, at any temperature in the street inside the hotel is never colder than -7 degrees Celsius. Sleeping rooms have ice beds covered with reindeer skins, underwear and hat. But in the morning you will have to wait for a hot Breakfast and a sauna.

The hotel also has an ice bar where alcohol is poured into glasses and glasses of ice. By the end of April, when the North of Sweden comes slowly warm, the hotel begins to melt, and for the guests opened the wooden hotel nearby.

The hotel in the mountain

Montana Magica Lodge

The Jungles Of Patagonia, Chile

The hotel is located in the heart of the jungle of Patagonia in southern Chile, a four-hour drive from Puerto Varas, and arranged it in the mountain, from the top of which has a waterfall. Water washes mountain, draining the clock with exterior walls and Windows of the hotel, which creates a unique relaxed atmosphere.

Interestingly, inside the hotel all made of wood so that the hotel resembles a forest house of the wizard. Besides rooms and the restaurant Chilean cuisine, also has a SPA inside. The hotel was built as a private Villa, the owners used her as a giving and gathering place for family and friends for jungle trekking and hunting. Now guests come to stroll through the jungle with a guide and visit the waterfalls nearby.

Hotel in the cave

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Feel like a caveman can in the hotel “Kelebek” whose rooms are real caves. Almost all the furniture here is also either carved out of parts of the cave, either from separate stones. Of course, the hotel has all the amenities, a terrace and a restaurant are at the top. There is a beautiful view on old town of Goreme, which was founded among the rocks by the ancient Romans.

The hotel’s restaurant serves traditional Turkish dishes, you can also learn how to make Turkish bread. But in Goreme come not only for the original hotel – there are dozens of ancient churches and monasteries, as well as the famous national Park of the rocks.

Salt hotel

Palacio de Sal

Uyuni, Bolivia

This hotel is located in Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world with an area of 10.5 sq km. it is not Surprising that this huge salt the Kingdom had thought to build a hotel, a 96% pure salt.

The hotel consists of one million 35-cm salt blocks – it’s just made from walls, floors, ceilings and all furniture, including beds. The hotel has a sauna and a swimming pool with salt water. In the restaurant you happen to sit at the salt table on salt chairs. The main rule of the hotel, which you will be informed immediately on arrival – do not lick the walls, as this leads to their gradual destruction. But about licking the furniture or other items in the rules of the hotel said nothing, so probably this hotel will be able to try and taste.

Oil platform on sea

Seaventures Rig Resort

This hotel close to the Malaysian island of Mabul is an old oil platform, which is used for oil extraction from the seabed. Now the platform is equipped as a hotel with rooms and all conveniences and is a beloved destination among divers. And the reason is that the platform is in the middle of the so-called Coral Triangle – the waters between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, which is famous for its spectacular coral reefs. Special Elevator lowers divers into the water from the hotel. But local activities are not limited to diving on the hotel-the platform often hosts nights with live music and barbecue.