The Hotel"Villa Padierna Thermas Carratraca"
This exclusive luxury hotel "Villa Padierna thermas of Carratraca" 5* is located in a natural Paradise, far from the noisy city in the Valley of Guadalhorce in the province of…

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Unusual hotels: glass Igloo in Finland
When it comes to the most interesting places in Finland where you can spend fun time, to relax body and soul, of Finland, certainly, will be able to surprise the…

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The most unusual hotels in Moscow

Recently in Europe there has been an obvious trend in the hotel so unique. People began to travel more, carefully choosing his hotels. Definitely has to be a kind of moral fatigue from uniform hotels and approximately the same service. This, and increasing competition forced hoteliers to review the standards and come up with exclusive offers. Unusual niche hotels are still free. Russia has few truly unique offerings, it would Seem, what could be easier than to book a hotel in Moscow. But in the capital aren’t that many truly unusual hotels. Someone is trying to surprise a high price, while really offering a very good service. These hotels a lot. But can they be called unusual? Hardly. With more and more potential visitors to the capital drive in into the online search engines the phrase ” the Most unusual hotels in Moscow “.

What are hotels? How to go from standard to unusual?

There are hotels that are ready to pay for Your stay in it, if the problem was not corrected in the stipulated time. Unusual? Perhaps. This “Rule of 15 minutes” is, for example, in the hotel “IBIS Paveletskaya”. Definitely will be remembered for a romantic date in a hotel on wheels Roombus in which there is even a pole for a Striptease. Tinted glass, Royal razmernosti and the driver behind the partition (albeit opaque) – all that adrenaline while Dating on the roads of Moscow. But to fork out for this exclusive will need. The cost is about $ 500 for 3 hour rental.

Heard something about the slip-boxes? Moscow’s first hotel with capsules for sleep and is called Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya. There are single, double and family Suite. User friendly website with on-line booking will allow for about $ 100 dollars to reserve a suitable capsule, they say that with good ventilation and sound absorption. There is Wi-Fi, free tablets. There is information that this is not the last capsule hotel in the capital.

Today’s tourists eager for new experiences, there is a certain demand for hotels on the ship. Such proposals in Moscow quite a bit, but, nevertheless, there. On the Bank of the klyazminskogo reservoir there is a hotel on the water “Admiral Marina club”, in which there is an option to book a room on the ship with panoramic Windows. Clean air in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis, a large Banquet hall, sauna with ice plunge pool. The cost of this room on the water about 150 dollars per day.

And if the budget is modest and needs the most unusual hotel in Moscow?

Is there any chance with more modest budgets to stay in an unusual place? Of course. In many respects, the emphasis now is on interesting design solutions. But also popular are hostels. In total, it gives some good options for non-travelers when choosing a hotel.

Gaining popularity of Fabrika, located at the Red October. $ 20 for a bed in a walking distance from the Kremlin worth it. There are rooms as a 2-seater and 8-seater. Free informal atmosphere for creative people – so positioning yourself this hostel, which has, incidentally, quite original design. Wi-Fi is also available.