Hotel Faro Capo-Spartivento
Perched atop a high cliff hotel Faro Capo-Spartivento 5* guaranteed to provide you with unforgettable moments. Guests here can enjoy the beautiful restaurant, wonderful pool, fantastic sandy beach, comfortable rooms,…

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The Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff
Also in Bisbee is the Oliver House . a bed and breakfast that can boast five different ghosts. The house was built in 1909 by Edith Ann Oliver, the wife…

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Most unusual hotels of Italy

Italy year-round receives thousands of tourists and to accommodate them with all the amenities created by unique hotels. Lovers of romance will offer a special room to get an unforgettable experience not only on excursions around the country, but also from travelers.

One of the unique architectural structures is Trulli . These buildings are located in the southern part of the country, in the Apulia region, and are the objects of UNESCO. The hotel is a bunk house with a private room under a conical roof. Because of the thick walls in the room in any weather conditions remains stable comfortable temperature.

Cave town called Sassi . located in the heart of Matera, included in the book by UNESCO as “cultural landscape”. Interestingly, cave home, caves, churches and other buildings carved into the rock or built of stone. In this city 18 hotels of the Sassi of different level of comfort. They all upgraded, have air conditioning, Internet, pool.

Imagine yourself a king or Queen it’s possible, stay in an Italian medieval castle hotel. Quiet gardens, magnificent architecture will reveal the secrets of the Great Doges and the secrets of Palace intrigues. Rooms Chateaux hotel have been modernized, equipped with modern technologies, and the cost of living is quite reasonable. These castle hotels are located in Central and Northern Italy: Tuscany, Piedmont, Lazio, Umbria.

The Italian famous chocolate horodinca three-star hotel “Etruscan Chocohotel”, where every year is held the festival of chocolate. In addition, all the rooms are done in a chocolate design, widely spread out sweet treats. In the restaurant, in addition to the regular menu, is offered and chocolate, also on site there is a separate store, where any visitor can buy some sweet Souvenirs. The hotel is three storey, and each floor is decorated according to the type of chocolate: dark, milk, with nuts. The prices are quite affordable in comparison with other Italian hotels 40 Euro per day.

For tourists who want to relax in the hotels of economy class, rooms without facilities in the monasteries. Monasteries in all cities and rural areas of Italy. Usually in monastic rooms are equipped with bathroom, kitchen are shared. There is a mini-bar, a library, a room for watching TV. Stay in places for those who love peace and quiet and not picky about living conditions. In recent years the buildings modernized under modern hotels.

Five-star boutique hotel is located in a wonderful 19th century castle right on the coast of Alghero in Northwest Sardinia. Previously this building was a Royal residence, and later at the Villa Las Tronas stayed celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Samuel Beckett, Saint-exupéry, and many others. Today the castle is reconstructed into a luxurious hotel with comfortable rooms equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV. The property features a pool, Spa. Visitors can swim in salt water, hot tub and gym.