The most unusual hotels in the world
There are so many unusual. And much is the work of human hands. Creativity can find worthy expression in the works of art, and in everyday life. For example, in…

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Hotels, mini-hotels and guest house Velikiy Novgorod
Veliky Novgorod for tourists. Hotels, mini-hotels and guest house in Veliky Novgorod. In section "Veliky Novgorod – Hotels" describes hotels, mini-hotels and guest houses of Great Novgorod and the prices…

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Unusual hotels for tourists

Often hotels that have unusual living conditions, attract the attention of tourists. Of course, to live in such hotels is almost impossible, but to visit them is just!

One of the biggest problems of Japan is a catastrophic shortage of space. So clever the Japanese first built a hotel, a capsule type in 1979. Modern capsule hotel the Capsule Inn in Tokyo offers its guests everything needed for living, but in a confined space.

Sa mA the hotel for the guests is divided into 2 parts:

The size of the cell approximately HH,2 m and things are arranged in such a way that you can to just get it lying down. Of this type are popular with business Japanese, who are traveling on business and tourists who want to see a fancy hotel.

Features of capsule hotels:

Since 1991, every year again and again in Swedish Lapland to build amazing ice hotel – a landmark that attracts huge number of tourists. Great comfortable hotel resembles an ice castle with a gorgeous interior and elaborate exquisite details.

Annually over the hotel employs a team of architects, designers and engineers that icy mass, weighing 22 tons per year converted into a luxury hotel.The hotel creates a full 60 rooms to live in which is worth from 1 thousand euros per day.

Also the ice hotel complex has a restaurant with a bar, a cinema and a gorgeous Church where the priest could unite the hearts of lovers in the wedding ceremony. All made from snow and ice. Chairs, beds, tables, ceilings and floors, the glasses in the bar. Absolutely everything!

Guests sleep in beautiful beds carved out of ice by skilled artisans. Its guests the hotel provides a very thick mattress and certainly no less than thick quilt and reindeer skins.

Special charm creates a special electric light in the Ice Hotel. The impression that guests were in the cold Kingdom of Snow Queen . If visitors do not dare to spend the night in the Ice Hotel, the administration provides an opportunity for everyone to visit the complex (extra charge) from 10 to 18 hours and to enjoy the beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Interesting facts about the Ice Hotel:

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