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The Hotel”Villa Padierna Thermas Carratraca”

This exclusive luxury hotel “Villa Padierna thermas of Carratraca” 5* is located in a natural Paradise, far from the noisy city in the Valley of Guadalhorce in the province of Malaga, 30 minutes from the Costa Del Sol, and 90 minutes from Granada or Seville. The hotel Villa Padierna thermas 5 Star is the result of a complete renewal of this building in the nineteenth century, including elements of luxury and quality, replete with history.

Villa Padierna has shown its elegance and sophistication during the development of the project buildings, blending neo-classical with Antiques, artwork and the best quality regarding convenience and welfare.

Andalusian courtyard allows you to enjoy the unbeatable climate of Andalusia and the Costa Del Sol during Breakfast or lunch. At night, the starry sky accompanies you during a romantic dinner in the moonlight.

Of Carratraca (Carratraca)

The village of Carratraca was founded in 1800, the year, though, the results of the excavations here were inhabited by the people during the times of the Roman conquest.

The beginning of Carratraca was the opening of a natural spring that flowed there. He noticed that these odyseeus the wounds of his sheep, and soon word-of-mouth has convinced everyone in the neighborhood to visit this place to take advantage of the healing properties of these thermal waters.

Over the years, the news has spread throughout Spain and abroad. Near the source was built the building to accommodate the celebrities that went to Carratraca. Great historical figures of Carratraca chose for his retreat: king Ferdinand VII Spanish . the Empress Maria Eugenia . the wife of Napoleon III . or such poets as Byron and Rainer Maria Rilke . as well as many others.

This historic building is now completely restored so that it could accommodate customers of the hotel Villa Padierna thermas . Thanks to these reforms, the hotel offers maximum quality and convenience for travelers while preserving the historic style that characterizes the building and makes the hotel a unique place with unique style.


Thermae has an area of almost 1800 m2, where You can enjoy the benefits of natural hot springs, pools of different temperatures, steam bath, Jacuzzi, fountains, springs, etc.

Properties of mineral water give great results by detoxifying and cleaning, and also due to the high content of calcium and magnesium, this water is recommended in treatment-and-prophylactic medicine.

The thermal waters can be classified depending on their properties, temperature and chemical composition. Sulphated thermal water of Carratraca contain sulfur, calcium, magnesium and relatively cool (18 °C). This water is 100% potable and is recommended for daily use

Baths of Carratraca have desensitizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, sedative effects, and anti-allergic, antiseptic, antiparasitic, keratolytic, anti-toxic, antioxidant, trophic, mucolytic action, have a beneficial effect on immune processes and cellular metabolism.

The composition of medicinal waters promotes regeneration of the body, increasing its natural ability to heal itself. Their use is particularly recommended for:

Respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma, bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, laryngitis. ) ;

Skin diseases (e.g. atopic dermatitis, eczema, scabies,psoriasis, keratosis. ) ;

Diseases of the liver (anti-toxic effect of protection of liver);

Disorders of the nervous system ;

Gynecological processes (renders antikongestivne action, promotes blood circulation) ;

Postoperative recovery processes of the body;

In rheumatism, joint diseases or chronic inflammatory processes;

In traumatology;

Pathology of the digestive system;

Orthodontology (improves blood irrigation of the gums, stimulates the removal of dental plaque);

In metabolic processes;

Stressful and anxiety States.

Currently these waters are in high demand in the field of preventive health care: receiving sulfated water reduces the harmful cholesterol LDL and is highly recommended for liver detoxification. These waters are also ideal for facial and body programs for effective rejuvenation and anti aging.

A large percentage of clients arrive at the hotel on the recommendation of a physician or specialist from anywhere in Spain. The thermal waters of Carratraca have been studied and analyzed by the Royal Academy of pharmacy Institute of Spain . all the information and support which we offer.

In a small village named of Carratraca (Carratraca), surrounded by mountains, nature and the Andalusian tradition, Termas de Carratraca is the perfect place to revitalize body and mind.

Fans of Andalusian style, of Carratraca will find a magical place full of charm. White houses, red roofs, alleys, long stairways, Bullring, olive groves, ravines and Church are only some of the parts that are unique to these peoples.

Here You can enjoy outdoor activities like horse riding, visits to nature reserves like the Sierra de las Nieves or Guadalorce.

In 1800 in the small village of Carratraca had discovered the mineral springs of sulphurous and other mineral waters with healing properties. A few years later a building was erected that served as a haven for those who visited this natural Spa.

Since then the legendary reputation was established to the Spa resort of Carratraca . where such historical figures as King of Spain Ferdinand VII . The Empress Maria Eugenia . the wife of Napoleon III . or poets Lord Byron and Rainer Maria Rilke chose this place for his retreat.


The rooms at the hotel Villa Padierna thermas offer extensive facilities in a unique neoclassical style, mixing modern elements with Antiques. The unique style of Villa Padierna Palace . which made him one of the most prestigious hotels in Marbella.

The hotel Villa Padierna thermas 5* has 43 standard rooms and luxurious suites . designed with refined neoclassical taste, mixed with classic and modern components.

Originally designed stay, where luxury and quality are the main characters. Personal service and not omission of any details make the stay unforgettable.

All rooms have Internet access, in room safe, television, mini-bar with mineral water, turndown service and beds with soft Frette linens, feather beds, rain shower and Hairdryer. In addition, You can enjoy chromotherapy and aromatherapy in your room.

Standard room ( Classic)

11 rooms for individual use . with a double bed or a single bed. The room is equipped with all the amenities offered by the hotel. From the Windows you can enjoy views of the Andalusian patio. Some rooms have a sloped roof with Windows, others have separated the terrace.

Maximum participants: 1 person

Standard room plus ( Deluxe)

26 luxurious, very comfortable and wide rooms . Some have bath and shower, other shower only. The rooms are on the 3rd floor have a pitched roof with Windows, which gives them a special charm.

The window offers a wonderful view of the mountains, in the Andalusian courtyard or the street. Some rooms have a balcony or a private terrace.

Maximum occupancy: 3 persons (3rd person in an extra bed also available cot).

Room 1 class( Junior Suite)

4 preferred the spacious rooms include hallway, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Each room has a personal, original design with exclusive furniture of the highest class.

Two of them feature a romantic private terrace with mountain views. These rooms are ideal for long stays.

Maximum occupancy: 3 persons (3rd person in an extra bed also available cot).

Suite 1st class ( Suite)

2 spacious, elegant and luxurious accommodation. Include a large salon and 2 independent bedrooms, each of them endowed with a private bath.

These are the most exclusive rooms of the Hotel Villa Padierna thermas . In one of the rooms has a balcony offering beautiful mountain views; the other room is on the 3rd floor and has a pitched roof with Windows that allows penetration of abundant natural light.

The maximum number of persons: 5 people (5-rd person on an extra bed also available cot).