The best hotels in the world for lovers
With the approach so beloved in our country, Valentine's Day, many couples think about romantic vacation, and someone in this holiday even dare to offer hands and hearts. The Internet…

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Marc by Neukom became the new General Manager of the hotel "Ritz-Carlton Moscow"
Marc by Neukom was appointed General Manager of the hotel "Ritz-Carlton Moscow" in August 2014. Highly skilled professional with years of international experience will manage all of the legendary services…

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General information about hotel Aladdin Beach Resort.

The hotel is part of the popular hotels trio of Jasmine, Aladdin and Ali Baba Palace . The name of the hotel correct to write Aladdin . and not Aladdin . Anyway, that’s the way it’s written at the entrance to the hotel. The famous lamp of Aladdin is standing at the entrance to the hotel (in the lower left corner of the photo), but it does not Shine even at night.

Beach hotel, the first line.

The official website of hotel Aladdin Beach Resort (Aladdin): the site is not working .


Master pizza name is Abu El Saad Fotoh.

Power point:

Main restaurant.

Italian restaurant.

Lobby bar.

Beach bar.

Pool bar.

You can eat not only in “the” Aladdin’s restaurants, but in any restaurant of all three hotels. That is, you can always go to a restaurant Ali Baba or Jasmine. However, you need to take on the reception invitation. But this is no problem. The bars of all three hotels freely.

Food quality is decent everywhere. Can only be not enough fruit. Personally, I may purely subjectively, more like in Queries. But! There is one circumstance which marred the daily rest is the quality of service in panoreserve at the Aladdin. Before you go to Aladdin Beach Resort I, like you, probably, have studied in sufficient detail in the online reviews about this hotel and knew that the service in the main restaurant is unique in its ugliness. Accordingly, internally was ready. What I saw with my own eyes?

Service in the main restaurant Aladdin.

First of all on the root of the problem. In upscale hotels during the dinner, the drinks usually are not from the buffet, and ordered the waiter. There are several reasons, but we are now uninteresting. The more interesting question is, why would the average Egyptian is very four who have implemented this system without any corresponding, decent staff? Naturally, to answer this question, I can’t, but he appeared in front of me and the other guests almost every night.

So, in order not to spoil his mood on the very first visit to the restaurant, I took a dollar duty on tea to the waiter . Alas! Alas! Alas! Give it away (note, to give and not to give!) it turned out no one and nothing! The service was such that at the time was the old Soviet custom, the book of complaints to ask. Without waiting, when the waiter brings us drinks (everything available on the buffet), we’ve got water and coke and has earned the disgrace of the tribe of waiters for the entire period of stay. Complaints to the restaurant Manager but smiles and apologies were given nothing.

The problem we have decided what were going to dinner at an Italian restaurant . located near the pool. There waiters didn’t pay us any attention and we freely took what they wanted. But the dollar I wore, because he gave his word that he will give it to the first waiter who will bring me water. And then, late on the last night of our stay at the Aladdin, we were suddenly the waiter came and took orders for water. And brought her, still not even the moon managed to climb. He received the dollar.

The beach at the Aladdin.

The beaches of all three hotels Jasmine, Aladdin and Ali Baba and shared freely can be visited by all the tourists in their tour. Something like this gorgeous camel.

Arab slowly white camel

Purely arbitrary to divide the beaches on the property, which is adjacent to the beach and quality. That’s about the quality and talk.