An unusual hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort
World class hotels have their highlights why they are a lot of tourists and guests. PoseidonUnderseaResort located on the island of Fiji, is one of these hotels. Thousands of people…

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Vavlitis Group will turn old hotels in Cyprus luxury housing
MOSCOW, October 24 - RIA Novosti. Cyprus-Vavlitis group of companies will turn old hotels in the cities of Paphos and Limassol in luxury housing, told RIA Novosti development Manager projects…

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Five famous abandoned resort in the world

04 August 2014 the Popularity is very fickle. Tourist centres and popular resorts, like people, live and die. Here we will talk about five once-popular and now – forgotten centers of tourism in different countries:

The Grossinger hotel, USA is the victim of fickle fashion

In 1919, near new York city was founded one of the most popular U.S. ski resorts. Grossinger immediately became a refuge for wealthy businessmen, stars of show business and sport. Here liked to rest a famed American boxer rocky Marciano. Recollections of the noble guests of the hotel, as it is believed, was written the script of the legendary movie “Dirty dancing”. Here rested 150 thousand rich visitors per year. Snowless winter of 1950, a huge area of the resort, which housed 35 different buildings and even an airport, covered with artificial snow.

But fashion is changeable, was a fashion and expensive resorts in the old style. The younger generation of Americans began to attract the exotic beaches in the tropics and ski resorts in Europe. In 1986, the Grossinger Hotel was closed. Here sometimes bump lovers of extreme tourism and just looters hunting for household items 60-ies.

Varosha ( Varosha) , North Cyprus– blame policy

In the mid-twentieth century the North-Eastern coast of the island of Cyprus was one of the most fashionable resorts in Europe. Here rested Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Richard Burton, and other celebrities of the time.

But in 1974 broke out military conflict between the island inhabited by Greeks and Turks. The resort came under the control of the Turkish armed forces, the Greeks of Varosha was banished. The city and the entire resort area was surrounded by barbed wire and surrounded by checkpoints.

In such an abandoned state of Varosha remains still. Rare daredevils who managed to infiltrate the city, they say that local shops are still stored canned goods, wine and clothing of the 70-ies.

Villa-Epecuen, Argentina – it was decided by the nature

The famous Spa resort Villa-Epecuen (Villa Epecuén), located on the salt lakes near Buenos Aires, no luck. The resort has become popular due to its unique nature, because of her own whims hurt. 5000 people a year, world class hotels that come for treatment world stars – all this allowed to compare Villa-Epecuen with Dead sea resorts. And everything collapsed, when the rain has gone. In the literal sense; almost continuous rains in the last ten years has filled the lake, and salt water gushed over the resort.

After 2008, when the excesses of the elements has ceased, the streets and buildings began to appear from the water, covered the iris of the salt crystals. This fantastic picture again attracts tourists, but certainly not in the same number.

To Kupari, Croatia is not war-torn

To Kupari (Kupari), a resort town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, became gervay the breakup of Yugoslavia. On its territory was built a huge complex that was a haven for the highest ranks of the Yugoslav army, including the head of state Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

In 1991, during the armed clashes between Serbs and Croats, the city was repeatedly exposed to rocket attacks and the depredations of looters. To Kupari is still not restored.

San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia is destroyed by people

Until 1926 the picturesque falls of Tequendama in Colombia was located the Villa of President El Hotel del Salto. Then it was converted into a luxury hotel, with four floors above ground and two underground. From the rich tourists did not rebound, but in the 70’s of the last century khodah the waterfall became contaminated and dry up, and with it the flow of tourists. The luxury hotel was abandoned and has since been a home to only homeless and the looters.

But the story El Hotel del Salto, oddly enough, did not end there. The former place of rent began to attract… suicide. To a large extent this contributed to a legend that during the conquest of Colombia by the Spanish conquistadors there was a mass suicide of the local Indians.

And in our time here for the same purpose began to come bankrupt businessmen, suffering from unrequited love romance and other categories of people with unstable mentality. The hotel became known as the residence of ghosts. The government of Colombia intends to recover the El Hotel del Salto in his former capacity.