Le Palais de la Mediterranee, France
Legendary hotel Le Palais de la Mediterranee is located on the Promenade des Anglais, in the very popular and prestigious area of nice. This majestic Palace with a white facade…

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General information about hotel Aladdin Beach Resort.
The hotel is part of the popular hotels trio of Jasmine, Aladdin and Ali Baba Palace . The name of the hotel correct to write Aladdin . and not Aladdin…

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Hotels, mini-hotels and guest house Velikiy Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod for tourists. Hotels, mini-hotels and guest house in Veliky Novgorod.

In section “Veliky Novgorod – Hotels” describes hotels, mini-hotels and guest houses of Great Novgorod and the prices for accommodation.

Please note! According to RF Government Decree No. 713 registration of citizens in hotels is:

for citizens of the Russian Federation only with passport of the Russian Federation

for children up to 14 years only in the presence of the birth certificate

for foreign citizens only with passport, visa permitting entry to the territory of the Russian Federation, the migration card

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People have different tastes and preferences, various material prosperity. But in our town such a large number of different hotels that any visitor can find a suitable accommodation. Everyone will be given the necessary service and hospitality of the hosts.

Daily Veliky Novgorod is visited by many guests. Some come here on business, some just to relax and discover the numerous sights of the ancient Russian city.

On the pages of our catalog you will find classic and hotel business. For example, of “Parkinn” . “Intourist” and “Volkhov” . Such places are to stay during your business trips and for family holidays.

Today, when many guests prefer to stay in mini-hotels, Veliky Novgorod is pleased to offer its guests comfortable rooms of boutique hotel “Yuryevskoye Podvorye” . guest houses “Tanners” . “Tourist” .

For disabled people and people with disabilities provides services center “Rodnichok” .

Hotel “Econom” will allow you to stay in the usual city apartment and will please the low prices for accommodation.

The leisure centre “Luxury” not only provides you inexpensive and comfortable rooms, but also open doors of the sauna, restaurant and bowling alley.

As you can see for yourself by looking through the pages of our directory in Velikiy Novgorod you can find accommodation for every budget and level of comfort. One thing is certain – without housing you will not.