Venice's Legendary Gritti Palace hotel
In the distant 1475 Gritti Palace was built Pisani, and later, 50 years later, settled here Andrea Gritti - the Doge of Venice. For many years the Palazzo has lived…

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The mysteries of mystical castles haunted
That can attract fans of the unknown and the supernatural more than medieval castles? That can attract fans of the unknown and the supernatural more than medieval castles? Only locks…

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Unusual hotels of Turkey

Summer holiday in Turkey has long been for our fellow citizens commonplace. Tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and many other countries of Europe think that they know all the resorts of this country. They deliberately go to places that have already been attracted by the traditionally high level of service, warm welcome, famous Oriental hospitality, delicious cuisine and, of course, the emerald waves of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

However, in Turkey there are many surprises that this amazing country provides for everyone to touch them. For those who are already bored with the classic stay in hotels, despite all the advantages of living in them, in Turkey there are some really unique places.

For tourists seeking to experience something new, unusual hotels of Turkey . The list is quite wide: there and a hotel – the steamboat, and the hotel is a ferry, and hotel, located in the former winery and hotel – a former canning factory, and a hotel – the former soap factory. As you can see, the imagination of hotel owners in Turkey are truly endless!

But still, the most unusual hotel of Turkey is hotel located in a former prison. The hotel called “Four seasons” (“four seasons”) is located at Sultan Ahmet square in Istanbul . In the same prison building, built in 1919, converted into a luxurious five-star room. Still above the front door of the hotel you can read the inscription in Arabic: “the Istanbul center of confinement for criminals”. Visitors are accommodated in luxurious hotel rooms, many of which are decorated with Antiques and precious vintage handmade carpets. The hotel has a SPA, a gym, a Hammam and a beauty salon. The hotel’s restaurant offers surprisingly delicious national and European cuisine.

Note: unusual hotels exist in many countries of the world. For example , of Petersburg. along with the usual classic hotels that can please and non-standard solutions. In St. Petersburg there is even a castle hotel which is a replica of the château de Chenonceau, built in the Middle ages in France. The interior design of this hotel completely coincide with finishing the château de Chenonceau. However, the castle hotel in St. Petersburg a bit younger: it was built in 2009.