Enjoyable holiday: the most unusual hotels in the world
Recently the company was leasing a new Boeing 757, and turns it into a flying hotel of extra-class. First guests in the flying hotel will take in February 2015. Instead…

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The hotel "Solnechnaya Dolina" Dombay
The hotel "Solnechnaya Dolina" is located in the village of Dombay, in the heart. The hotel "Solnechnaya Dolina" in Dombai is one of the most famous and unique resorts in…

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Famous music hotels

Hotels try to attract visitors as soon as you can, and audiophiles too. Therefore, worldwide there is a music hotels, in which the design or services, or both at once devoted to music.

In Berlin there is a hotel called Nhow Berlin, which has 2 excellent recording studios that complement the. Externally the property has a strict outline, but inside it is sharp and bright, there are art exhibits, as each room has an invisible TV and the device to connect the player. Well-proven capital of metro Dmitrovskaya attracts tourists infrastructure and an abundance of good restaurants.

Liverpool has long been considered a whole fan club of The Beatles, and it is no wonder that here fans can find the hotel HardDays Night Hotel, which has special rooms-penthouses, each dedicated to one of the musicians of the world-famous Quartet.

In Brighton beach located Hotel Pelirocco, which initially was planned to be a rock pastiche. In the end, there’s punk-rock room where you can smoke on the walls in other rooms you can see a lot of photos with pop concerts, and the local rooms of VIP class simulates a tropical environment.

London hotel The Cumberland known for some time lived Jimi Hendrix, and then he died. In his honor was made room in kotromanica musician feel like a Museum. Psihodelicheskoy bright colors, Zebra blankets on the bed and red carpet, numerous newspaper clippings, as well as guitar and Hendrix’s favorite whiskey,– all are in the room, which even can be removed, although it will cost 612 dollars for two per night.

Of course, not extraordinary, but very interesting and famous budget hostels Moscow Botanical garden . located right near the metro and hostels, worthy of attention of visitors of hostels and hotels, so find a few free hours to visit here. Enjoy nature and let the mind to relax, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Good mood for you after a visit to the brainiac guaranteed!

In Los Angeles it will be easy to find a hotel that in 60-70-ies was popular among the famous musicians who worked in this hotel are incredible things. This hotel was nicknamed The Riot House – or “rebellious house”. Here the musicians throwing TV sets out of Windows and hung on the fingers in the window above the street, so glories in his interest.

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