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Venice’s Legendary Gritti Palace hotel

In the distant 1475 Gritti Palace was built Pisani, and later, 50 years later, settled here Andrea Gritti – the Doge of Venice. For many years the Palazzo has lived a large number of eminent people, such as the Pisani family. In the first half of the NINETEENTH century Gritti Palace was sold and converted into a hotel, combined with the Grand hotel. So they existed until 1948, Gritti Palace passed from hands to hands from one owner to another, and then became independent.

The hotel Gritti Palace can please its guests 82 rooms, 21 rooms with designer – suites. The company Donghia Associates became the owner of these apartments. The hotel restoration was carried out, through which some elements of the old Palace have been restored, but more fundamental changes, improving the structure.

Visit Gritti Palace, you will be delighted with all the elegance of its interior. Here are the best samples of Girandole mirrors, the entrance – original wooden ceilings, the lighting fixtures of the EIGHTEENTH century and many other works of art. Of course, not without innovation.

The suites, named after their famous guests

Deciding ostanovitsa of the suit, you order a straight ticket to Paradise, because the interior of the room gives an extraordinary feeling of bliss that time, and after a short look on the window, you will be fascinated even more views of Punta della Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute.

The names of the great artists names some of the suites are: Ernest Hemingway, Peggy Guggenheim, Somerset Maugham, La Fenice, Sant’angelo Donghia. All of them shrouded in memories of the old walls, the interior of each of them carries something special, something a bit reminiscent of older visitors. Peggy Guggenheim, for example, the young lady who celebrated Gritti Palacе its 18th anniversary, gave the room named in her future name, a collection of albums, Suite the walls are decorated with paintings by Picasso, miró, and the Museum with, again, her name. “Angelo Donghia” planned by the designer as a musical, its decoration can be called a stereo system with disco records, it is impossible to ignore and a bar, having that in your room you can enjoy the sounds of disco music in the company.

The old Palace

Gritti Palace can be proud of the restaurant Club del Dogе, Bar Longhi, with its architectural forms and techniques. The restorers did an excellent job and not only returned the hotel to its former luxury, but made him a wonder to behold and the epitome of aristocracy. It attracts people living in different parts of the world, with different views on life and interests, but they have one thing in common – a love of beauty.

Tips for a comfortable stay in Venice

Parking spaces

Many do not go on a journey due to the fact that there are many inconveniences associated with airport Parking. But, this problem was solved. For the convenience of customers who made online reservations. Think over such seemingly small things in advance so you don’t spoil the rest in the stunning and legendary Venice.

Memory photo

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all this beauty on camera. Look at the really impressive so we advise you to definitely take a photo outside on the terrace and in the restaurant.

Romantic getaway

This hotel is executed in classical style, there are a lot of ancient furniture chic and sensual bouquets. In my opinion this holiday is perfect for a romantic couples break away.