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The hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” Dombay

The hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” is located in the village of Dombay, in the heart. The hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” in Dombai is one of the most famous and unique resorts in the ski village. The hotel has a history spanning nearly half a century! Hotel Sun valley was built in had according to ancient Russian technology of construction. Over the years, the hotel changed its appearance, but appearance remained the same and that was half a century ago.

Hotel Solnechnaya Dolina, Dombay, is the hallmark of the ski village.

Number of rooms, housing

The hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” presents 2 cases and a detached cottage, having rooms of different categories. Simultaneously, the hotel can accommodate up to 200 people. Rooms of the hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” in Dombai offers a great view of the mountains.

The cable car

The hotel Sun Valley is located close to ski lifts ski village of Dombay. This fact is always pleasing to lovers of Alpine skiing or snowboarding and just those who love winter holidays in the mountains.

Distance from hotel “Sun Valley”:

to pendulum lift is 150 metres away

gondola lift to the Doppel Mayer — 200 meters

to the ski lift (short track for beginners in Paddling pool) is 300 metres away

the cable car-crestlinehotels is 450 metres away

The hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” in Dombai is a great hotel that offers both a summer holiday and ski. For skiers the hotel features everything necessary for a comfortable stay.


The hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” (Dombay) features: cafe, steam room, bar, lounge, sauna, swimming pool, storage room for ski equipment, Billiards, computer & Internet club, Parking, rent snowboards and skis, horse rental, Laundry.


On the site of the hotel “Solnechnaya Dolina” Dombay You will find a more detailed description of hotel room stock. photos. information about the location and food. all the services and infrastructure of the complex.