Famous music hotels
Hotels try to attract visitors as soon as you can, and audiophiles too. Therefore, worldwide there is a music hotels, in which the design or services, or both at once…

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Cheap hotel in Kuala Lumpur with swimming pool and free Breakfast. Recommend Citrus Hotel!
Hotels in Kuala Lumpur by price range differ little, or medium or expensive. We had a difficult choice hotel. We wanted to live in the capital of Malaysia, has chosen…

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The most expensive European street

Interest in luxury real estate in Europe every year is only growing, along with it grow and prices. The cost of housing in some parts of the most popular cities of the continent reaches tens of thousands of euros per square meter. Based on conducted in 2014 research large realty agencies has compiled a list of the most prestigious residential streets in ten European cities. Zurich: Pilatusstrasse and gold coast According to research realtors, street Pilatusstrasse is the most demanded in the Swiss city.

She is not inferior to the coastal strip of lake Zurich (on the photo) — gold coast (Gold Coast). The price per square meter up to €21 500. Munich: Mullerstrasse and Herzog Park In Munich realtors divided the palm between two streets: Central Mullerstrasse Penzingerstrasse in a quiet and green area close to the duck Park.

Prices for both streets reach €25 000 per sq. m. Rome: the Spanish steps and Piazza Navona real estate in the center of Rome can cost three times more expensively, than on suburbs. However, the views of experts in the field of real estate on the most expensive location in the city was divided.

Realtors Knight Frank vibroplasty Spain, while the Italian site for the sale of housing real estate Agency.it calls the most prestigious area of Piazza Navona and the surrounding streets. According to estimates of the Italian Agency Agenzia del Territorio, the prices of apartments in both areas can reach €11 000-12, 000 per sq. m. Venice: the Grand canal was once the Venetian Grand canal, or Grand canal, was a district of rich merchants, bankers and aristocrats.

Today it remains the most prestigious address in the city. Many palaces, the former houses of the nobility converted into luxury hotels, art galleries and boutiques and apartments that rarely appear on the market. Consequently, prices per square meter here can reach €14 000.

Realtors are asking for the former Palace of don Sarandipity Dating from the seventeenth century (pictured), now converted into apartments with seven bedrooms, €10 million Moscow: Ostozhenka In December 2013, the experts have made a rating of the most expensive addresses in the world, in which Moscow Ostozhenka unexpectedly overtaken many prestigious Metropolitan areas, including Fifth Avenue in new York. For accommodations on the street, combines art Nouveau and modern architecture, asking about €28 000 per sqm

Apartment in the club house Barkli virgin house (pictured), for example, will cost $7.5 million Vienna: Ausgrabungen and Tuchlauben Opinion of realtors regarding the most prestigious location of the vein was divided. Some called those shady street Ausgrabungen (Kaasgrabengasse) in a quiet suburban district of döbling; others chose built luxury boutiques Ruhleben. The prices per square meter in the past (in the photo) range in area from €24 000 to €30 000.

Paris: Avenue Montaigne of the Paris “Golden triangle” that houses the palaces, iconic hotels and fashion houses, forming three streets: Avenue George V, Champs Elysees and the Avenue Montaigne. The apartment is in the most expensive and sought after area of the French capital will cost €40 000 per sq. m. Geneva: Seman de La Boucle, de Seman Ruth, Rue des Granges and Rue du rhône Idyllic secluded home in the outskirts of Geneva could compete with the best accommodations in the heart of the Swiss city.

Remote Seman de La Boucle de Seman and Ruth are not much different in cost from Central apartments Rue des Granges and Rue du rhône. The cost per square meter here starts from €30 000. Monaco Avenue Princess grace and the Avenue D Ostende Since a property boom in Monaco in 2007, the price of houses here has dropped significantly, but the Principality remains one of the most expensive and sought after places in the world. Leading housing prices for its palm-fringed Avenue Princess grace and the adjacent Avenue D Ostende.

Realtors estimate square meter of €100,000. At the same time, apartments are offered for sale extremely rare, making them even more valuable. London: Kensington Palace gardens, one Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, the British capital tops the list of the most prestigious places to stay. Experts have called the main elite residential complex of the British capital the new development one Hyde Park.

The owners of the apartments here are Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, Nigerian oil tycoon Folorunsho Alakija and the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. The price per square meter in one Hyde Park achieves record £120 000. Other specialists in the sale of real estate, in turn, chose as the most prestigious place to live another “Golden mile” — Kensington Palace gardens.