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Oetker Collection - an exclusive collection of luxury hotels worldwide. All hotels are United by the name of Masterpiece Hotels and differ by a constant highest level of service. The…

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The famous Palace hotel, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah
Luxurious and premium resorts in RAS al Khaimah become in 2014 the laureates of numerous international awards, confirming the status of the Emirate as a leading destination for leisure and…

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Unusual hotels countries

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Good day! From now on, we will offer you the most unique and unusual hotels in different countries. In this post presents a selection of the most original, in our opinion, hotels of France.

This is probably the only hotel in the world (and possibly the house) with flying beds. Of course, the bed is fixed at a certain height, and unlikely, as if on a magic carpet, I float throughout the hotel.

Year built – 2010

Number of rooms – 28.

The average room rate per day is about 153 euros

Château de Bagnols. Rhone-Alpes, surrounded by a landscaped Park with cherry trees, lime trees, walnut trees, lavender and lilies, set amongst the vineyards of the Beaujolais area.

Château de Bagnols, opened as a hotel in the early 1990-ies, is one of the architectural highlights of France. Romanesque castle with several observation towers and a drawbridge that was created in the beginning of the XIII century from local stone bright pierres dorées, from the XV century belonged to an influential family de Balzac — establish banking and trading business in Lyon.

Currently Château de Bagnols, Rhone-Alpes, whose walls entwined with roses, honeysuckle and Jasmine,lovingly restored, thanks to the current owners — a couple of British aristocrats Hamlyn. The interiors of the Château de Bagnols, rhône-Alpes, with fireplaces (one of which is the largest in France), murals, Limoges porcelain and carved antique furniture — keep traces of the past.

Year built – 13th century

Number of rooms – 21

The average cost of a room is around € 450

And art installations, and architectural fiction, and business project. Everland has to do with “art” though, because the second consecutive time down on the roof of the Museum. The architecture for this hotel. But to the business as it generates income. However, there is no. The idea of profit from the venture you need to cut out the creators of this very insist. The hotel, in fact, is only conditionally registered in Paris, before he roamed. Unfortunately, after 159 nights in Yverdon, 320 nights in Leipzig and 557 nights in Paris unique Everland stopped working.

Year built – 2002

Number of rooms: 1

The average room rate per day– —

Airstream Europe, the foothills of the Pyrenees

Not one but a whole range of campsites spread over an area of 23 hectares in a picturesque valley with stunning views of the Pyrenees.

Retro legends of the air streams have been completely restored and converted into three-star hotels. You should not expect here the Bvlgari cosmetics, Thai massage or red gloves to the Butler.

Book hotel in summer will have a tough time wishing to be in a “comfortable mini-Woodstock” abound, and in the winter the complex is closed.

Year built – 2003

Number of rooms – 7 air streams of the caravan.

The average cost of a room is about $ 100. (self-service)

Les Hautes Roches, Loire valley

A former monastery on the banks of the Loire was turned into a four-star hotel Les Hautes Roches. 12 of the 15 rooms are located inside a rock. Bar and restaurant are also located in the cave.