The mysteries of mystical castles haunted
That can attract fans of the unknown and the supernatural more than medieval castles? That can attract fans of the unknown and the supernatural more than medieval castles? Only locks…

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Old hotels of Ternopil — life with restaurants and live music
Best hotels in Ternopil, according to the old guidebook Ternopil voivodship, he worked in the Center. So, Mitskevich str., 27 there was a hotel "Podil", on the Dominican square 1…

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Specification of the most unusual hotels in the world

In Lingwala the couple decided to build a hotel in the trees after watching the film Trädälskaren (“Lover of trees”). The rooms suspended from trees at a height 4 to 6 meters. Every bathroom can be called a real work of art, because in the creation of involved the best of Scandinavian architects. The room rate is $ 425 per night.

Another unusual hotel is V. As the name implies, the hotel is decorated in the style of Jules Verne. In order to stay in this hotel, it is necessary to don a diving suit and dive to a depth of 6.5 meters. The fact that the hotel is located on the seabed. The size of the rooms very modest but it has everything necessary for the guest: living room, bedroom, fridge, TV and microwave. There is a wonderful hotel in Florida at Key Largo. The room cost 400 dollars a night.

Industrial fans of romance will love the hotel Dockside Crane Hotel V. Simple metal box representing a port cargo crane, was transformed by designers in a pretty housing. In rooms serviced in a single Elevator. The minimum cost of a night at this hotel is $ 400.

In a hotel built of salt. The furniture in the rooms is also made of this mineral. Problems streicheleinheiten the creators of this miracle did not arise for the simple reason that the hotel stands on the banks of the Uyuni Salt flats – the largest on the planet a dried-up salt lake. Guests are allowed to do everything what your heart desires. Not allowed to lick the walls. Night in the salt room will cost at least $ 100.

On the island of Jersey ( ) opened a hotel. Once this tower in neo-Gothic style served as a vacation home. The tower is 49 meters. Three floors of just two guests. The room price is 400 dollars a day, writes .

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