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The most unusual hotels in the world

There are so many unusual. And much is the work of human hands. Creativity can find worthy expression in the works of art, and in everyday life. For example, in the projects of hotels. Below is a list of the most unusual hotels in the world, in which embodied all the splendor of creativity. So those who are deservedly going to go on vacation after the College entrance MIT. you should definitely learn with him to combine the study of another culture with relaxation in the hotel where they are the most vivid embodied.

Capsule Inn Akihabara, Japan

This hotel look like bee-hives than human shelter. A more vivid expression of Japanese minimalism, perhaps hard to find. Despite the modest surroundings there is everything you need for minimum facilities: bed, TV, radio. The cell-capsules are arranged in two floors. Such hotels, which arose in the second half of the last century, has not lost its popularity today.

Rogner Bad Blumau, Austria

The project author is F. Hundertwasser, famous for his bold ideas. It reflects the trends of environmental education in architecture. Buildings, buried in verdure, have a smooth flowing shape. On their roofs are also growing gardens. This complex reminds me of illustrations in children’s books where magical city hidden in the shade of emerald trees.

The Ice Hotel. Sweden

The hotel is located two hundred kilometers North of the Arctic circle. Probably, this should look possession of the Snow Queen. This castle hotel patiently erected each year. The tourists will have to stock up on warm clothes, because everything here is made from ice, including the beds.

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

Those who as a child was reading “Tarzan”, this hotel will feel like a hero of this tale. The hotel is located in the heart of the Brazilian jungle. The house in the form of towers are placed on trees, so the people living in them, so bright feel the proximity of nature and the sultry breath of the forest. That is why neither the rainy season that lasts for six months, neither the curiosity of the local animals, are not sufficient reason to abandon the rest here.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

As a basis taken underwater at the former station, located at a depth of 12 m. Due to the fact that the material of the walls and ceilings of the premises is glass, visitors have great views of the ocean and the opportunity to admire its monasteries. You can also use an additional service – using the remote to feed the local exotic fish.

It’s just a very limited list of unusual hotels in the world. Perhaps familiarity with them will give a new impetus to the attainment of the knowledge offered by the College of hotel service. After all, to show their talents and creativity in any field with appropriate knowledge and desire.