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An unusual hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort

World class hotels have their highlights why they are a lot of tourists and guests. PoseidonUnderseaResort located on the island of Fiji, is one of these hotels. Thousands of people dream to move there at least for a day and this is well justified reasons. However, one day definitely not enough to enjoy all the marvels of this site.

The hotel building U.S. Submarines, Inc., an American company, headed by Bruce L. Johnson, for many years he was fond of sea and oceans. This hotel is his project. PoseidonUnderseaResort partially located under water at a depth of 15 meters is the main feature of the hotel. Rooms under water is a whole deep world that can be touched.


In PoseidonUnderseaResort, located on the island of Fiji for a total of 73 rooms. 42 of them are above water, and the other at a depth of 15 meters. Bungalows built on the beach and on stilts in the water. This cosy and comfortable cabins equipped with all desirable amenities. Here there are:

air conditioning;





living and sleeping area;

Jacuzzi and spa shower;



Underwater capsules

In the underwater world, where there are 25 rooms, guests come down the Elevator. One room is exclusive, size 300 square meters. It has everything down to the library and small meeting room. A kind of mini-hotel. The other numbers are the size of 50 square meters. As bungalows have all necessary facilities: bathroom, Jacuzzi, comfortable bed, bedside tables, mini fridge, table and chairs.

Of course, it is worth to mention the stunning view from the window. The rooms are made capsules, transparent. You can observe external marine life just sitting on the couch with a glass of wine or a Cup of coffee. To attract the attention of fish (special lighting), or feed them will help you with the remote.

The underwater hotel is absolutely safe, there is provided all possible measures to stay relaxed and enjoyable. The main function of the capsules is the ability to detach them from the common hallway and float to the surface of the water.

Additional features

The phrase “all inclusive” perfectly characterizes the policy of the service. When booking your room, you will get conceivable benefits to travelers. From the airport you will take a private plane directly to the hotel. Some days you can live in a Bungalow, and then under water. The hotel has 6 restaurants, some of them also under water, a large wine cellar, for lovers of good drinks, 7 bars rich library, a conference hall and a small chapel.

For outdoor activities there are also huge opportunities. In the hotel there are all necessary for almost any water sport. There are 2 tennis courts, huge pool, Spa, sandy beach, gym. Also you will have the opportunity to practice yoga with a professional instructor.

For travel enthusiasts, the hotel offers excursions to the virgin forest. There are Hiking and Cycling to ease the way. In addition to Hiking, you can choose to cruise aboard a small submarine.