Specification of the most unusual hotels in the world
In Lingwala the couple decided to build a hotel in the trees after watching the film Trädälskaren ("Lover of trees"). The rooms suspended from trees at a height 4 to…

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Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg
Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg – one of the earliest and most famous street in the Northern capital. Its length is 4.5 km, the maximum width is 60 m at…

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The older advertisements of hotels

Going out to breathe the fresh sea air one evening on the balcony of our office, we discussed recently viewed ads one of the hotel chains. Dark, frogs singing near the office and lyrical mood draw us into the conversation about the past.

I wonder what was advertised of in the last century? The next day we found on the Internet the answer to this question. Let’s look at the old advertisements.

In the early twentieth century a clear competitive advantage was in the hotel steam heating. In the ad below, it looks like a comma is missing before the word Elevator, for information about electric light “Elevator” on the Internet we have found.

But we learned that for the first time lift at the hotel appeared in London in 1869. It was hydraulic, that is, raised of guests on the 5th floor of the hotel with water. By the way, surprisingly, in London, this hotel is now The Grosvenor Hotel. Which is not true of first-class hotel “London” from Tiflis (Tbilisi). Advertisers (hehe) of emphasized a reading room, a garden with river views and reasonable prices. Although the story tells that there was even a casino and the cost was quite high.

Also prosabsolutely often advertisements mentioned the availability of telephone in rooms. Admittedly, it is not clear why this was necessary, given that not every home had a phone to call a friend and chat over life.

Sea views valued at all times, as well as the renovation of the hotel Metropol and now is sort of synonymous with luxury. Because the PostScript at the bottom of the announcement raises a smile: “In view of the fact that the cabs from the railway stations for coming to tea is not given, the Board of the Goodies I asked for their talk regarding the hotel, not to pay attention”. Funny hoteliers Ekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk) enticed the guests with the equipment, on the model of international hotels. Tram stop is in Kazan was also a competitive advantage

Piano, sea views and absolute cleanliness with neatness.

In the garden of France in Sebastopol you can eat KEBABS and PASTIES, for example. Discount for long stays offered by the hotel “Russia” in Saratov, which is now not functioning and draped mesh construction. Thus, by and large for more than 100 years, especially something is not changed in moving hotels. Naturally, all became more technologically advanced, beautiful and phone numbers from two-digit has become a minimum of 6-digit and added to the phone number email address and website in the Internet. Here’s a little walk into the past.