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The best hotels in the world for lovers
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Old hotels of Ternopil — life with restaurants and live music

Best hotels in Ternopil, according to the old guidebook Ternopil voivodship, he worked in the Center. So, Mitskevich str., 27 there was a hotel “Podil”, on the Dominican square 1 — “Ponerte”. On the Third of May street, 5 operated the hotel “Adler”. Minor of there were some on — street Farn, 3 and the Market, 33. They were respectively Grand (later Frieda) and Landau. The difference in quality of service between first – and second-class hotels have been raised in price. So, for one night at first you had to pay four-to-eight zlotys, while others took one and a half to four PLN. For comparison, a kilogram loaf of bread in the 20-30-ies was worth 0,3 PLN per kilo sugar — one zloty and oil — 3,96 zł.

Hotel with electricity and running water

Hotel “Podillya”, which the Ternopil already know under its Soviet name, “Ukraine”, built in the times of Austria-Hungary in 1890 Because cars in those days, even EN masse didn’t roll, instead of the garages at the “Podolsk” were stables and premises for carts. But the hotel was not at all backward at the beginning of the last century visitors”pleased” plumbing, Central heating, bath and electric light. All of these modern conveniences in those days, even in many upper-class homes. And the water supply system in Ternopil appeared only after the arrival of Soviet power.

The owner of the “Podolsk” was a deliberate Ukrainian Justin Shidlovskaya. Also in this house in 1919, worked for the newspaper “Ukrainian news” — the official Gazette of the County Commissariat of the ZUNR. And for two years before the hotel was visited by Dmytro Doroshenko, the historian, whom the Russian Provisional government had appointed Governor of Galicia and Bukovina. This hotel was in Russia, but after the sale of land in the suburbs in the ‘ 40s it was completely destroyed. Not left without a celebrities and other the old hotel — “Ponerte”. When it was built — is unknown. However, it is known, for example, that on June 15 from the balcony of this hotel were the head of the Provisional government of Alexander Kerensky. He called on the Russian soldiers who then occupied the Ternopil, do not be discouraged and continue to fight with striscie troops. In November-December 1918 “Ponerte” once upon a time the President of the Ukrainian national Rada Yevhen Petrushevych and ruled.

By the way, the hotel “Uncert” in the interwar period the name changed to the hotel “Flissa”. Its building up to our days has not survived — was destroyed during the battle for Ternopil in 1944, Then in the place stood the ruins of a typical five-storey building, known for the magazine “Milk”.

The third of the best hotels in Ternopil — “Adler”, built in 1910, It still stands on Sagaydachnogo street, — house with a turret.

In addition to chambers — restaurants concerts

However, Ternopil hotel offers guests not only warm and cozy room. For example, when “Podolsk” operated a restaurant and a coffee shop “Boulevard,” according to the guide of the Ternopol province. And local historian Lubomyr bojcun writes: “Even in the difficult years of the First world war, when the city did not have enough flour, sugar, butter and bread, when almost all the shops were closed and the restaurants and there was nothing to enjoy here you can drink a Cup of black or white coffee”.

Worked the restaurant and hotel “Pancarta”. Sorry, unknown, delight customers live music, café, electric lighting and hot water in the hotels Grand and Landau. Not preserved and their buildings, because the area of the former Market and parish destroyed almost completely.