The most unusual hotels in Moscow
Recently in Europe there has been an obvious trend in the hotel so unique. People began to travel more, carefully choosing his hotels. Definitely has to be a kind of…

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Enjoyable holiday: the most unusual hotels in the world
Recently the company was leasing a new Boeing 757, and turns it into a flying hotel of extra-class. First guests in the flying hotel will take in February 2015. Instead…

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Hotel “Poseidon Mystery island” will be the first undersea hotel on earth

In the near future there will be another underwater hotel is being built in Dubai. The underwater resort Hydropolis will show all the beauty of the underwater world. The huge site (1.1 million square meters) shopping Mall, dance hall, restaurant, cinema, and clients will not live in the rooms and the villas. By the way, in the underwater environment requires special precautions, so the hotel will be equipped with a missile defense system. The hotel will be surface of the part designed for holding outdoor events. It is known that in the construction of Hydropolis is already involved 150 companies.

The underwater resort Hydropolis will show all the beauty of the underwater world

Above us only the sun and God

A brief overview of the events for the week



A specter is haunting Europe… the Spectre of terrorism. And again he came to Russia…

In Russian churches serve memorial services for the innocent victims as a result of blasting “Nevsky Express”. The bright memory of the fallen. Thank God, the second failed terrorist attack: damage to railway tracks was not so serious, and the train, bound for Baku, stood on the rails.

All that for a phenomenon that is terrorism, who and why, copystrategy innocent people?

The most common opinion is thus different extremist organizations want to attract attention to some, usually narrow national issues. Nonsense. Those peoples whose interests are “defending” the terrorists suffer from such “intercession”.

A means to intimidate the people? Also not withstand criticism. What can the relatives of those who perished on 11 September 2001 in the United States? To call off the war in Iran? Hardly. What can ordinary workers, employees, entrepreneurs, pensioners who have suffered personal loss in numerous terrorist attacks in our country? To recognize the independence of Chechnya? Let’s not sacrilegious — their grief is indescribable. What is here, the trees green, maybe politics?

So, terrorism is pressure on the powers that be, trying to get them to do something in favor of certain circles and groups? Then history teaches that it teaches nothing. Because the reaction to the terrorist attacks all governments is to continue to pursue chosen policies, but are more consistent and tougher. Again does not fit…

However, that paper nothing to dirty. This I — the largest political scientists Tom wrote, and that’s about it. All come to one: if the trains explode — so, it is necessary for someone. Only nobody knows who and why. Not bin Laden, in fact.

In all these arguments one drawback. The main question — why people suffer? It remains unanswered, because — and this is worst of all — often simply drops out of sight talk. As if people were chess pieces on a Board called “big politics”.

All of it is so bitter and painful that nothing else today, don’t want to say…

What pain, what pain.

Slovenia – Russia 1:0. This we have already experienced. Now the whole Russian football world is occupied by wires of Guus Hiddink and the search for a successor. The hero of the occasion of Slovenia has taken a vow of silence until February. “Chapay to think.” The contract he has, we recall, until the end of the world Cup in South Africa. That is the question of our national team exit in a final part was implied. An not developed. Well, we can easily watch good football without spending nerves.

But if objectively, when Hiddink Russian national team has achieved such results, which we have long not seen. “Bronze” the European championship when it was last? So let’s not throw stones at Gus.

Will doplnen and will surpass

St. Petersburg is on the verge of revolt: tobinator Valentina Matviyenko signed a resolution on construction of a super skyscraper near the historic center of the city, which caused keine many negative reactions Petrograd, including a number of prominent figures of culture and politics. The so-called “Okhta-centre”, previously known as the working title of “Gazprom city”, looks like a twisted spindle made of steel and glass with a height of 400 meters: downright picture of a futuristic comic book, the dream of science fiction. In a dispute that is not over — build or no — arguments: supposedly, the locals also protested against the Eiffel tower, and now it’s national pride.

Well, our Northern Palmyra has a chance to surpass Paris as much as 100 meters. However, will the “Okhta-the centre” the symbol of Russia, our generation learns: the French century it took to get to his tower to get used to.

2012. The train does not go further.

Recently started the car cash last time. What is the end of the world, judging by the hit block-Buster, not far off, in 2012.

Run the risk that fans of this landmark tape throwing me rotten tomatoes. but, alas, I think its more appropriate to call “apoheles”. Even the vaunted special effects are not able to brighten up a set of vulgar stamp, to mouth the predictable plot moves and zero acting. However, the actors just not to blame for that: the whole movie in the best Hollywood tradition in recent years — it is a children’s comic with unnatural poses and banal remarks, where to play, in fact, have nothing to portray. But for all that — again “alas” — rave reviews about “2012” in the wilds of the Internet a lot. Now that’s scary: it turns out that the glossy images had replaced the true depth of creativity.

However it is not excluded that among the positive (and somehow surprisingly the same) evaluations is in most cases an advertising campaign. He and the Internet is the mass media (pardon the tautology).

To read news feeds of the Internet. About that “warm winter, but severe frosts are expected” we have already heard. Further — more, “the Russians are preparing to prosper”, and next: “the Russians are rapidly growing poorer”. Promise the world will end in 2012 regardless of the film! Or is advertising? — and then report that same year found the recipe for immortality (however, eschatological beliefs to one another does not contradict). Yes, thanks to modern technology the flow of information became not only a duty — it became vermuten, although before, it must be confessed, high purity was no different. So take care of your nerves, believe common sense.

Honestly, I was not a great connoisseur and admirer of his work. But exactly how many people took this loss as a personal sorrow, better than any review shows that the talent is gone, gone. Our condolences.

Year after repair again has earned the most expensive toy physics – Large hadron Collider. The experimenters managed to achieve the first collisions of protons that are running towards each other. Black hole is not yet formed, and thanks for that. But if scientists still are going to succeed and shape a global catastrophe, we’ll never know. Of all possible variants of end of the world, this is perhaps not the worst.