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Oetker Collection - an exclusive collection of luxury hotels worldwide. All hotels are United by the name of Masterpiece Hotels and differ by a constant highest level of service. The…

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The most expensive European street
Interest in luxury real estate in Europe every year is only growing, along with it grow and prices. The cost of housing in some parts of the most popular cities…

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The famous hotel Burj al Arab, the conqueror of hearts

You are tired of everyday life? Want to gain new experiences and emotions? Want to be the Royal person and to live a few days in a luxury apartment? In Dubai to be fulfilled, even the most secret dreams. Only in this Prime location you will experience the beauty of life. Here is the famous hotel Burj al Arab, it is considered the most expensive and exclusive hotel in the world. By visiting this site, you will get a lot of fun, because Burj al Arab is able to provide a truly pleasant stay. The Dubai government initially wanted to create a kind of symbol of the city, similar to the Eiffel tower or the Statue of liberty.

One day drinking beer in a bar, the famous architect noticed by a passing boat with a huge sail, then he had an idea, and he decided to create the project, which was built the hotel. Due to this, a few years later, right on the water, appeared roomy and elegant “boat”. As you know he built on the island, which is made artificially, 280 metres from the shore. Entering the hotel difficult not to notice the stair fountain, it splashes water around the clock in all directions, thus, plays with the visitors. Of special attention is the heart of the hotel, beautiful lobby, I wonder what his height is 180 meters, you will agree, the sight of gostinopol and attention. Looking up, you notice “kaleidoscope floors”, which are made in different colours with the addition of unique elements. Gorgeous carpets, Golden frames, stairs, restaurants, beautiful fountains, corridors, labyrinths, everything is hard to miss on the way to his room.

As you know, previously, in order to stay in the room, it was necessary to book a seat in advance, but now with the advent of the global economic crisis, the number of visitors has decreased several times, and sometimes definitely not. For Suite want to relax like a king you will have to pay a tidy sum, about $ 2,300. And the most expensive room costs $ 28000, agree, not everyone will be able to indulge in such luxury.

But those who dare to enjoy this hotel, will be pleased and will remember this trip for life. The hotel has corridors, as on one side are the doors to the rooms, and a beautiful view of the foyer. On each floor you will find Concierge service. Almost at the top of the hotel there is a tennis court, and helipad practical. From here many visitors and get to the hotel on their helicopters.

The hotel contains a unique restaurant located in the depths of the Gulf, visitors take them on a submarine. In the middle of the room there is an aquarium, and all around it with tables.

Everything in the hotel is made at the highest level. The staff cares about your comfort. Come and you will definitely feel like a king and Queen.